New Builds Waterproofing

At Versatile we provide all of your waterproofing solutions for your new build.
We install high quality membrane systems in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions that provide long lasting protection for your property giving you the peace of mind you’re after.

Using only trained and experienced waterproofing specialists, we offer quality workmanship, and affordable pricing. Attending to all of your new build waterproofing needs, we can take care of:

  • Internal Wet Areas – All bathrooms, toilets, laundries or any other areas inside a building where waterproofing is needed to prohibit moisture and water travel from one area to another.
  • Balconies & Patios – Any outdoor or partially outdoor areas that will be subjected to weather conditions and are usually above the ground level of a building and directly above habitable areas.
  • Roofs – For any non-steel or low-pitched roof that is designed for membrane applications (these are usually constructed of plywood or concrete for membrane to be directly laid on to).
  • Retaining Walls – Any walls or structures designed to hold earth against one side or to be underground where the other side of the wall makes up part of the internal building.
  • Façade Coatings – For external facades that are either designed to be coated with a specialist membrane as opposed to a general paint or for any façade where a proper membrane is preferred to be underneath a thin paint coating or in replacement of paint.
  • Ponds & Water Features – Any structures that are designed to hold or partially contain water.
  • Planter Boxes – Any permanent structures designed to hold soil and/or plants and are connected to the main dwelling.
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For an assessment and quotation for your waterproofing needs for your new build, get in touch with the team at Versatile Waterproofing Solutions.